Florida Retired Educators Association is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit grassroots advocacy and volunteer organization with 10,000+ members.  FREA is independent, non-partisan, and does not endorse political candidates.

Retired Educators in Financial Crisis

FREA members who are facing a financial crisis due to a catastrophic event may apply for emergency financial aid from FREF:

  • The individual must be a member of FREA for at least five years to be eligible.
  • An application for aid must be submitted to the President of the local unit who will assess the application.
  • After review, the application is sent to the Chair of the FREF Board of Trustees and later to the FREF Board of Trustees to determine merit.
  • If authorized by the FREF Board, a check will be sent directly to the individual.
  • This financial aid is in the form of a gift. If the individual later becomes able and wants to repay the Foundation, a donation or bequest to the Foundation would be appreciated. The local Unit President will receive a confidential report on the outcome of the request.
  • Click here to Download and Print the Application and Instructions