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Margaret Poppell Literacy For Life Project

Margaret Poppell “Literacy for Life” Guidelines

   We are asking units to support this literacy project locally, by selecting a school or schools in your own area and collecting books at each meeting or during a special event.  Book plates are available from FREA to be placed in your  books.  Contact info@FREA.org to order.  Collected books will be delivered to local school (s) at the convenience of your unit. 

     There is a place on the new UNIT Volunteer Services Report click here to download  to indicate your chosen school(s) and # of books. 

Escambia REA Pam Schwartz, Joyce Blackwelder, Cholly Clifford, and Elaine Sites, RIF Pensacola Director assist at RIF's Memorial Day Bookfair at B-N on May 29, 2017
The 2017 Winner of the FREA
5th Grade Essay Contest
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The 2016 Winners of the FREA
5th Grade Essay Contest

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$150 - 1st Place:  Jacob Pope

North Pinellas REA

$100 - 2nd Place:  Trisha McAteer
Santa Rosa REA

$50 - 3rd Place: Chloe Kratenstein
 Broward REA
FREA Volunteers
Around the State
Escambia REA  members volunteer at RIF Book fair. Becky Garvin as the American eagle and Beverly Stagg as Betsy Ross.
FREA Volunteers in 2016
Donated 413,193 hours worth $9,974,479.02 to the

State of Florida

FREA 2016
Volunteers of the Year

1,784 Volunteers Reported
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Our thanks to all of the 1,784 FREA Volunteers who reported their hours.  And our thanks to all FREA volunteers.  You continue to make the world around you a better place. 

Volunteer Services Resources
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NRTA With Our Youth!
With Our Youth! program provides opportunities for retired educators and youth to work together to address the needs of youth and the broader community. State and local retired educators association volunteers use the resources provided by NRTA to organize local self-sustaining direct and indirect service projects for and with youth.

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