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Convention 2014

May 28-30

Renaissance Hotel World Golf Resort

500 S Legacy Trail, St Augustine, FL 32092
(800) 468-3571

April 15, 2014: 

Pension plan is not in peril, SBA official tells Committee

(Article on Legislative Page)

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March 23, 2014

FREA Goes to Tallahassee to present the 

Larry Carmichael Legislative Award to State Senators who support the goals of FREA

(Article on Legislative Page)

Fore!  What Do Teachers and Golfers Have in Common? 

Join us as we Educate and Entertain You Leading up to our

60th Anniversary Convention at

Renaissance World Golf Resort in St. Augustine

What do golf and teaching have in common? Well, let’s see.

Teaching: You are facing a student who just can’t “get it”. You have used all of your considerable education, skills, and experience to get your point across. The frustration you feel is with both yourself and the student. You hate teaching, you will never get through, you want to quit, but you have to at least finish the day, the semester, and the year. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, a light comes into the student’s eyes and they go from indifferent to excited. That is the frustration and joy of teaching.

Golf: You walk up to a golf ball, do everything right, remember everything you ever learned and practiced, and hit the ball a measly 30 feet. You now hate the game, will never get better, and want to quit, but you are stuck with finishing the round. You walk back up to the ball, so upset you aren’t even thinking, and whack! The ball makes a perfect arch as it carries onto the green 100 yards away. That is the frustration and joy of golf.

     Ready to celebrate a world that is as frustrating and joyful as the world of teaching?  Come join us at the PGA World Golf Museum on Wednesday Night the 28th of May at the FREA Convention. Enjoy a fun and challenging scavenger hunt and then enjoy a beautiful dinner in the World Gof Hall of Fame Inductees Room.  Not a golfer?  Have no interest in the game?  Enjoy learning about a game that can frustrate and challenge the smartest, most powerful, and most athletic people in the world.  As one of the oldest and most beloved sports of all time, golf has been parodied, satirized, and spoofed more than any other sport - And deservedly so.

     We hope you enjoy the next couple of months as we all come to understand a little bit more, about the wonderful world of golf through eyes of Peanuts, Garfield, Beetle Bailey, Curtis, and many others.   More details and pictures on the Convention 2014 page.

Now Available

to All FREA Units!

  We have designed a bright and beautiful full color poster that you can place in all the schools in your county to let school employees know who you are and where you meet. 
   This 11 x 14 poster is the perfect size for School Bulletin Boards, and is available to you by contacting the FREA office:  We will mail them out to you, along with a Sharpie, so that you can get the word out about how great it is to join FREA and continue to make a difference! 
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