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Strength in numbers:  There’s a New Tool in the Legislative ToolKit

  • Did you know there are over 225,000 education and school personnel retirees drawing a pension right now?
  • Did you know that education retirees make up the largest percentage of the Florida Retirement System (FRS)?
  • Did you know that FREA represents all of these people as we fight to keep the FRS Pension Fund strong?
  • Did you know that when you walk into a legislators office you now have a tool that will allow you to say, “I am here representing (this many thousand) retired education employees in (this) County?

Imagine walking into your Legislator’s office or sending an email, or calling and being able to say: “I am here advocating on behalf of 12,000 (or whatever the number is), of your constituents who are retired education employees, and I want you to know that the Florida Retirement System is one of the healthiest and best-funded pension funds in America.  You need to leave it alone.”

How do you find out your numbers? We can mail them to you-contact us at, or you can download it, add up the numbers for your area, and go make a difference!