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Presenting our 2023-2024

FREA 5th Grade Essay Contest Winners!

To Read  the winning 5th Grade Essay Contest posters,  just click on a photo. Or contact the FREA Office and we will be happy to mail you your choice. They are 11x17 inches in size.

The other District Winners essays are available to read by clicking here

5th Grade Essay Contest

The 5th Grade Essay Contest was created to encourage writing abilities in 5th Grade Students.  It is also a wonderful way for students to show appreciation and love for the important older people in their lives, be they grandparents or someone close who enhances their life on a daily basis.

FREA Unit Members are encouraged to spread the word about this contest, encouraging current teachers to help their students enjoy learning to tell a story about a loved one, as they help the future of literate writing.

Available tools for the 5th Grade Essay Contest are:

  • 5th Grade Essay Contest Tool Kit -Information about the contest and necessary judging forms
  • 5th Grade Essay Contest Teacher Forms (Can be tailored to each unit upon request to the FREA Office.)
  • 5th Grade Essay Contest Poster (Can be tailored to each unit upon request to the FREA Office. 8.5x11.)

Does your Unit need more copies of these materials, or would you like them personalized to your Unit?

Please contact the FREA office.

5th Grade Essay Teacher Forms

Dear 5th Grade Teacher,

The Florida Retired Educators Association is again sponsoring our Annual 5th Grade Essay Contest and would welcome your participation.  We ask the students to describe an experience or experiences with a grandparent(s) or grandparent figure(s).

We hope you will be able to work our contest into your busy schedule and encourage your students to remember a special time in their life.  The contest rules are attached, and your local contact is listed below.

Thank you for your consideration and happy writing.
Local FREA Unit
Local FREA Unit Contact
Phone #