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FREA Convention 2022 was amazing thanks to the hard work of many members.  Thank you again!

Please see below for materials available for you.  If you would like  something printed by the FREA office, please email us:

FREA Convention 2023 Planning Has Begun.

Save the Date: May 16-18, 2023

FREA is heading to the North, to the beautiful beaches and country of the         Florida Panhandle.

Our Destination? Bluegreen's Bayside Resort and Spa at Panama City Beach

We have secured the terrific price of only $167.00 (all taxes and fees included) per night for our attendees.  This price is available for 3 days before, and 3 days after, Convention.


A little bit country, a little bit beachy, a whole lot of fun.  FREA Convention 2023 will be on the beautiful shores of St. Andrew Bay, away from the hustle and bustle of Panama City Beach, but close enough to visit.

Below this article are photos of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael to the hotel (at that time the Sheraton) in 2018. Obviously, not just the hotel was affected; many of FREA's members were affected by this storm.  Homes destroyed or damaged, dozens of schools closed, utilities destroyed. Whole towns disappeared.  And the rebuilding continues.  FREA is happy to help with the recovery by welcoming our members to the area for Conventions 2023 and 2024.  We hope that you will appreciate all of the hard work and fortitude that it took for this area to come back from the devastation that was Hurricane Michael. And we know you will enjoy the beauty of the area.

The Resort property is peaceful and relaxed, with a private beach, walking trails, golf, tennis, 3 swimming pools and a world class spa.  Plan to come early for Mother's Day, or extend your stay after Convention, to take advantage of the amenities.

We have secured the terrific price of only $167.00 per night for our attendees.  This price is available for 3 days before, and 3 days after, Convention. We are also planning add-on options for such as a private cruise to Shell Island Beach at St. Andrews State Park. A wonderful place to wander around, enjoy the Gulf water views, and sink your toes into the beautiful sands. Or if you or the family are looking for more activity, you can explore the rebuilt Panama City Beach area with its bright and shiny restaurants and tourist activities.

Room reservations and travel will be handled a little bit differently for 2023, and more details will be made available in January,  so for right now, all we are asking is that you...

Save the Date!


Please note:  The resort was sold earlier this year, Wherever it says Sheraton on the below pictures, think Bluegreens.

Sheraton PCB 2023 Page 2-2
Sheraton PCB 2023 Page 3
Sheraton PCB 2023 Page 4
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 5
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 6
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 7
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 8
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 9
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 10
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 11
Sheraton PCB 2023 Photo 12