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FREA works hard to protect your pension AND your insurance benefits. This is one of the main advantages of being a member and one of the main reasons we are here for you!

Make the most of your benefits by familiarizing yourself with the important protections and financial discounts below from our partners Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) and Florida Retirement Group (FRG)

AMBA and FRG are the only approved Benefits Providers for FREA Members.  If you wish to be considered as an approved benefits provider for FREA Members, you must be capable of having a local presence throughout the state of Florida. 





Thanks to our trusted partner, Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), members are eligible for exclusive supplemental insurance. Get special group rates on dental, vision, home healthcare, cancer, heart, stroke, accident, life insurance, and other policies.



Call 877-810-6334 Mon‑Fri 8am‑5pm CT for information

Or Request a Call Back with more information at



You have two dental plans to choose from and a wonderful vision plan!

  • See any dentist you want. You're not required to stay inside the network.
  • No-deductible cleanings & exams. Routine cleanings and oral exams twice per calendar year are 100% covered.
  • Save 20 - 40% if you pick a dentist in the Ameritas Dental Network. Find one at or call Ameritas at 888-239-3336.
  • Dental Rewards can increase your dental maximum to $2,500 for the platinum plan
  • The comprehensive vision plan from Vision Service Plan (VSP) can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Big savings on frames: $150 allowance for a wide selection of frames and $170 for featured frame brands. Or apply the $150 allowance to the cost of contacts and the lens exam.
  • Easy copays and extra discounts and savings
  • Low monthly rates for both plans
  • And More or Call 877-810-6334



Get the coverage you need to continue to live your way in retirement!

Emergency Medical Transportation: Through AMBA, MASA MTS of Florida can provide both medical emergency transportation solutions for our members during life and after life, and peace of mind that the financial burdens that follow life's biggest emergencies are taken care of. We understand people are financially vulnerable when emergency medical transportation services are needed, even with health insurance. MASA MTS of Florida transports and covers out-of-pocket costs for countless MASA members across the world annually.  Medical transportation costs increase the further you are away from emergency care. In major metropolitan areas, insurance may pay up to 80%, leaving you with the balance at an average cost in excess of $500.

Cancer/Heart/Stroke Insurance: Even if you have medical coverage, chances are it won't cover all your expenses in a crisis like a cancer diagnosis. The deductibles, co-pays, travel, and other costs can pile up. This policy can pay a lump sum upon diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma.

  • Life Insurance
  • Home Health Care (coming soon!)
  • Accident Insurance
  • Hearing Benefits
  • And More or Call 877-810-6334



Membership with FREA also allows you to have access to This portal is available to members only so contact FREA to validate your membership and receive the access code.

myAMBAdiscount benefits include:

  • Dining Offers
  • Discounted tickets to themeparks, shows and much more
  • Hotel and Vacation offers
  • Discounts at thousands of retailers
  • And More or Call 877-810-6334


1) Traditional Medicare Supplement

  • You can see any Doctor and/or Hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Premiums can be paid directly from your pension.
  • This plan will qualify you for your health insurance subsidy.

2) Plans available

  • F Plan as low as $179 depending on age, gender, and zip code
  • G Plan as low as $169 depending on age, gender, and zip code
  • HDF Plan as low as $46 monthly, depending on age, gender, and zip code
medicare benefits

3) Prescription Drug Plan Analysis

  • Send us your list of medications and we will cross analyze all the prescription drug plans available to you in your county to find the most optimal solution.
  • Be sure to mention your preferred pharmacy.
  • We will also review this each annual election period (Oct 14th-Dec 9th) at no cost to you as long as you are an active member.

Let us help make sure you are saving as much as you can on great protection.

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