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Unit Membership Grant

Do you have a great idea to increase your Unit's FREA Membership?  We have money to help you get started on that project!

Florida Retired Educators Association


General Information

The purpose of these grants is to aid in funding new ideas for increasing membership.

Every unit who applies may receive a grant if the requirements are met.

Grants will be funded for:

  • up to $75 for units of 50 or fewer members;
  • up to $100 for units of 51 or more members;
  • and up to $150 for units of 150 or more.

Smaller amounts may be requested.

The money is intended for:

  • public relations (spreading awareness);
  • hosted events;
  • production or purchase of new recruitment materials or hand-outs;
  • fresh creative ideas not identified but with the potential to increase membership.

It is not intended for purchase of food, or items for current members with the possible exception of rewards for successful recruitment.

A budget must be provided and subsequently receipts submitted detailing actual costs. Simple records demonstrating the effectiveness of the project must be submitted and a plan to track the effectiveness must be included in the grant.

The President of the unit does not have to be involved in the conduct of the grant, but must sign off as supporting the grant. A unit may submit up to three different applications, but in most circumstances only one grant per unit will be awarded.

Creativity, a well thought-out implementation plan, and potential for success will be the key elements in determining award of a grant. A three-person team will determine the award.

Grants may be submitted and awarded between July 1 and March 1.  The application form must be completed in its entirety.

E-mail to

Or Mail To:



8950 9th St N #105

St Petersburg, FL  33702


The Membership Grant is awarded for NEW ideas to increase membership.  Jody Scruggs distributed a list of former winning ideas at her breakout session at the 2019 convention.

The list follows:

  • business card with unit information
  • Postcard with unit information
  • Trifold brochure
  • Postcard with unit information and FREA information
  • Recruitment package contains letter and two FREA brochures
  • Letter to insert in the Newsletter and send to retirees
  • A New Member kit
  • Local dues ($10.00) for first 15 new members would be paid
  • Cost of annual membership drive at Fairfield Gardena would be off-set by Grant
  • Celebration activity to reconnect, reclaim and recruit
  • Purchase the current retiree list
  • Members who sponsor 4 new members will have state and local dues paid
  • Provide a continental breakfast for school board retirement planning session
  • A new registration form mailed as part of a packet
  • Postcards to invite new retirees to a retiree breakfast
  • Purchase two banners to be displayed at luncheon, parades, etc. 17) Promotional gifts for new retirees

If your idea is found on this list, your idea will NOT be funded.

Is your new idea really new?  Then please submit the application below!