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Educator in Crisis

Retired Educators in Financial Crisis


It is possible that a catastrophic event (medical expenses, natural disaster, etc.), could plunge a person into a financial crisis. Loyalty to our colleagues, as well as compassion, created a way to offer financial assistance for these crises.  The Practicing Educator Grant.

This Grant is to be used as a final source of assistance to educators and is in the form of a gift to eligible individuals.  If the recipient later becomes able, and desirous, of repaying the Foundation, he/she may do so by making a donation or bequest to the Foundation for whatever use he/she shall designate.


To be eligible for a gift for emergency financial aid, the applicant must be retired from any school system and a State member of FREA for the past five years. His/her current residence may not necessarily be in Florida. Reasonable evidence of need must be presented.


A retired educator with a financial crisis, or a friend, may apply for a financial gift by:

  • Submitting an application to the President of the local Unit of the Florida  Retired Educators Association (FREA), or...
  • If they do not belong to a local FREA Unit, they may apply directly to the FREA Office.
  • This request for assistance may be submitted anytime.
  • The request will be promptly reviewed.  If a Unit Member by the Unit President and their Board. If a State Member, by the FREF Treasurer and Chair.
  • When authorized by the FREF Chair, a check will be issued directly to the applicant by the Treasurer of FREF.
  • A report shall be sent to the President of the local unit requesting confidentiality of the application and the gift.  Every step of the procedure is to be carried out promptly. Application can be downloaded or filled in online.